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About ChangeWorks

Change Works Mission

Change Works helps individuals tap into their authentic selves so that full potential blossoms and personal goals are maximized. Change occurs faster than traditional modalities and it is sustainable. Obstacles are released so that leaders can be all they can be while having an inspired, joyous, healthy, balanced life.
Julie Roberts, Ph.D.Julie Roberts, Ph.D.
Julie was educated in organizational development, group process, leadership and team development. She worked for 20 years as an organizational consultant in business and she has taught graduate leadership courses for fifteen years. She specializes in personal and professional change so individuals and leaders overcome obstacles to reaching their full potential. She developed CLEAR (an energy psychology using acupressure, EMDR and muscle testing), and uses BodyTalk, Family Constellation work, and coaching. She teaches CLEAR, and does private sessions. She has written a how-to book describing CLEAR (Change Works with CLEAR, Clearing Limits Energetically with Acupressure Release), and is certified as an Energy Psychology practitioner by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). Women for Women International uses CLEAR with its participants to help them deal with the trauma of war. Julie has taught in Nigeria and Russia.

Clients include children, leaders, and individuals interested in living more fully and being more effective in their lives.

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Some of our clients have said . . .

"At last a comprehensive, rational system that takes the best of the energy psychology models and finally integrates them into a user friendly treatment method that my patients actually use (even when they are not in my office): that system is CLEAR by Julie Roberts, Ph. D. As a thirty year veteran Mental Health Professional and Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, I heartily welcome this breakthrough therapy technique and strongly recommend it without reservations to all my colleagues."

--James F. Lassiter, Ph.D., ABPP

"Julie Roberts is a gifted practitioner and teacher who has developed an elegant and powerful technique for using energy therapy. The work that I have done with Julie has been the single most important tool I have found to enable my growth as a business leader, a parent and a person."

--Joyce Ferris,
Managing Partner, Blue Hill Partners LLC

"Dr. Roberts is a talented, insightful, gentle, healer, utilizing integrative energy therapies in a skilled and gifted manner. The clients I have referred to her have benefited immensely from these powerful, life changing techniques."

--Les Daroff, Ph.D.
Board Certified Expert In Traumatic Stress, Certified EMDRIA Psychotherapist/Consultant, TFT & EDxTM Energy Therapies Psychotherapist

“The Energy Therapies have made a profound difference in my life. Julie Roberts is an exceptionally gifted healer, educator, and leader in the field of energy psychology. My clients and students are thrilled to learn these simple and effective tools.”

--April Heaslip,
Professor of Women's Studies and Founder of The InsideOutStitute: Workshops for Women

“I have utilized various forms of energy therapies for many years. Julie's method provides an easy to follow, focused process that aides profound responses. I have now incorporated the CLEAR technique almost exclusively in my individual client practice.”

--Jalma Marcus RN, MS,
Integrity Coach, Leadership Mentor, Educator and Organizational Consultant. Principal, IntegrityIQ

“I have found the Energy Therapies to be extremely valuable for myself and my clients. I use these powerful techniques on a daily basis to remove blocks and heal old wounds. Thank you for developing this simple way to enable profound healing.”

--C. Olivia Parr-Rud, MS,
Data Mining Strategist/Author/ Educator/Visionary/Spiritual Activist

“This technique is so quick and powerful--it's amazing!”

--Jen Sayre,
Massage and energy therapist/photographer

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