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CLEAR: this is the latest in therapeutic techniques, combining understandings of the new science, acupressure, bi-lateral stimulation and somatic experiencing. This process removes trauma and blocking beliefs and helps speed up the process of change, making therapy effective and realistic. People achieve therapeutic goals at a rapid rate, with recognizable changes that don't disappear over time.
CLEAR is an Energy Psychology technique developed by Dr. Roberts that uses acupressure points, bilateral stimulation, muscle testing and other methods to free issues that negatively impact your life.

Whether you feel stuck in your life or just know there is more that you can accomplish, CLEAR will help you. CLEAR helps you to move toward your goals by removing triggers that keep you stuck in old patterns. It helps relieve general anxiety and specific anxiety such as phobias, performance and test anxiety. It helps to remove stress that leads to illness. It helps you remove the blocks that lead to procrastination, lack of motivation and fears related to success and failure. It alleviates depression and moodiness, and it helps one to understand the issues underlying these emotions.

Dr. Roberts has been trained in TAT, TFT, EFT, Seemorg Matrix, Bilateral Stimulation (a form of EMDR), BodyTalk, and other energy therapies. These therapies have influenced her development of CLEAR.

You can experience CLEAR in Individual Sessions or by attending a Three Day Intensive

The three day residential workshop provides an opportunity to learn and practice the techniques in depth.

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Or read about CLEAR in the how-to book, Change Works with CLEAR

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