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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why is this coming up for me now? Sometimes we have sailed through our lives without problems and suddenly we are faced with depression, illness, or other symptoms that didn’t previously exist. Why is this? Pretend your body is a bucket that gets more and more full of stress and negative issues as we age. When it gets too full (of anything causing stress), it responds with symptoms. These symptoms are an indication that something is wrong and we need to listen. And if we don’t listen, the symptoms will worsen. Symptoms of trauma often manifest later in life in ways that make it difficult for us to ignore.
  1. How often and how long will I need to come for sessions? The answer to this question varies depending on the degree of trauma, the complexity of issues surrounding it and the individual client. Each session is usually two hours. The norm is one to ten sessions, though most clients notice changes after the first visit. Some clients return over time as they become aware of blocks. Some clients come every week or two for a few weeks initially and then once a month until they feel better. A few clients feel better and their “problem” is solved in one session, though more frequently, it takes a few sessions. Personally, I use CLEAR whenever I feel overly emotional about something or when I sense I am blocked in any way.
  1. What will I feel as a result of the session? Often people report that they feel lighter. Some say they feel no different, but notice that the issue that bothered them previously no longer troubles them; some feel so much better, it amazes them. Others just report that they are more present and content in their lives. Again, this varies from client to client.
  1. How do I know if it works (It feels like I just changed the old pattern myself)? You clear the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in the past so you can do things differently. You know it works when your life easily changes to reflect how you want to be.
  1. Can CLEAR be used on children? Yes, Children are very good subjects for CLEAR. Typically, they are less judgmental about the process, and have fewer blocking beliefs and traumas impacting their clearing. Trauma becomes more complex as we age both because we re-traumatize ourselves just by thinking about past traumas, and because new traumas occur that relate to old traumas, creating a complex web. Thus, sessions with children are usually shorter and less complicated than are sessions with adults.
  1. Can I do CLEAR on myself? Yes. There is a three-day workshop two times a year where participants learn how to use CLEAR on themselves and on others. Even after learning the techniques, you may still want to come for a session or do one with a friend because it can be difficult to hear your issues while feeling them as you work.

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