PRINCIPLES Guiding Change Works

We are all connected. We are all one. The energy of Source/Spirit/God/ Goddess/All That Is flows through us all. This energy is the difference between life and death. When we are alive, we have this energy flowing through us. This is why Spirit/God/Goddess/All That Is is called “The Creator”--it creates us or gives us life.

There is enough to go around. We are smart enough and have enough resources to provide for every living thing. Remember we are all one. What we do to others we do to ourselves. Share. Help others. Appreciate others. Be kind. They are you. Remember: you receive from the world what you give to the world. What you want, give away, and it will come home to you.

We create our reality. Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality, and our thoughts & beliefs are a result of how we choose to perceive. We choose. We can choose our state of mind when we are not reacting from our past stuck traumas. We choose our thoughts, our emotions, & our actions. Therefore, we create our reality; we are responsible for what is occurring. Remember: it is what you BE that determines who you are, not what you do. We need to be what it is we say we want.

Alignment is critical. This means we are aligned with our soul and our purpose. Alignment means we are in touch with our higher selves, our soul, our oneness, Source and we, therefore, will do the ethical, non-egoic thing. If we act from an aligned place, we are also doing what is “right” for others, because when we are aligned, we are also connected to others with the energy of God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is. Our past can prevent alignment.

Energy Everything has an energetic body which is impacted by its physical, spiritual, and (if appropriate) emotional states. Understanding the condition of our energetic body facilitates an understanding of how to align with our spirit and our soul purpose. Our energy is a reflection of our state of mind, spirit, and physical body and our state of mind, spirit, physical body impacts what occurs with our energy. Systems, groups, and organizations also have an energetic body. This, too, can be understood and aligned. We are influenced by the energy of those around us. Awareness is critical if we want to maintain ourselves and our alignment when we are in the presence of others who are not in line. Working with our energy and seeing that it stays aligned in these situations, helps us to reduce negative influence.

Consciousness It is impossible not to have an impact. Knowing this, and knowing that we are all connected (all one), it is important to be aware of what we do and how that impacts others and the universe. Awareness creates responsibility and choice. It requires observation of and honesty to ourselves and to others regarding what we see and feel.

Dichotomy The dichotomy of life creates our understanding of life. Our sadness, anger, or discomfort help us to understand happiness, love and comfort. They provide us with the understanding we need to evolve. Just as Jesus and Hitler give us dichotomous ideas regarding what we can choose to be like as a human. Understanding the dichotomy provides us with choice, provided we are “conscious.” Choose love, not fight. Create Heaven on Earth.

Love, Fear (and Pain) If you boil emotions down, there are only a two primary emotions: love, and fear (pain being a part of fear). The others are secondary emotions (anger, hatred, joy, envy, depression, anxiety, guilt), which usually result from primary emotions. For example, hate and anger are often a way of avoiding pain or fear. Facing primary emotions directly assists in healing. Secondary emotions keep us stuck because they block the primary emotion. Feel your feelings in your body and allow the sensations of what is uncomfortable. Often when the body has fully processed our feelings, we will have an insight. Ask yourself, “am I choosing love or fear?” If you are in fear, CLEAR it.

Emotions Our emotions are the key to healing. If we are present with our emotions, we are healing. If we are resisting, denying or doing something so we don’t experience what is happening, we are increasing stress, and resisting the healing process. We need to learn to listen to ourselves. This requires recognizing and being present with what is, with an open heart. This does not mean we are necessarily comfortable, for sometimes life lies beyond what is comfortable. We feel strongly when emotions originate from another source, so getting in touch with the origins of the feeling is important if we want to clear triggers. Old feelings get stuck and we are in a fight when we resist feeling. If we can learn to allow our feelings and accept reality, we will be much more peaceful. We need to learn to accept ourselves just as we are. We need to fill ourselves up and not rely on others to do this. As we allow our discomfort, our pain, our fears, and limitations we become more free. Be willing to dig deep. Flow with the essence of who we are and be in the here and now. As long as we are resisting, we are not free in the here and now.

The Past Our emotions are impacted by our experience with, and our attachments to, our past. Our past can include unknown and unconscious patterns, behaviors, and emotions taken on from our ancestors. Attachment to the past can dull our ability to listen to and love ourselves, and thus limits our ability to resonate and follow our soul purpose. It is important to understand ourselves and the patterns that exist as a result of our past pains and hurts. These pains inhibit our ability to live in the here and now and they can be understood and released. When they are released, we can see and feel more clearly, and are free to love ourselves and follow our soul path. When we have strong feelings about someone or something, it is about us not the other person. Yes, there may be something we need to do about the situation that is making us feel the way we do (e.g., if someone is overstepping boundaries), but first make sure that you are clear of past issues that are triggering you.

Resonance When a tuning fork vibrates, it sets up a vibration in surrounding matter. This is resonance. When you resonate with a task, plan or vision, you have the same frequency and are thus in alignment with it. Assessing if there is resonance in any activity requires getting out of the head (thinking) and into the body—being in the moment. When you don’t resonate with something and still take action, you are forcing or willing action, which is in opposition to flow. When you force action, you most likely cause suffering for yourself and others; you are not at peace. Actions are not in alignment, so the outcome is not as productive. When you resonate with what you do, a sense of peace pervades the work. Synchronicity, coincidence and positive outcomes are more likely in this state.

Thankfulness and Forgiveness are the emotions that lead to the most contentment in life. Being in the place of gratitude removes us from the place of being a victim. And it draws to us even more of that for which we are thankful, which in turn produces even more contentment. Being a victim keeps us stuck in old patterns and loyalties. Forgiveness allows us to shift from being a victim to moving forward in our lives. Practice gratitude and forgiveness daily.

Evolution We are all attempting to evolve. It is natural to grow and change. It is also natural to want comfort. Where we can get stuck is in the attempt to stay comfortable by ignoring the signals indicating that change could benefit us. Encourage continual learning for yourself and for others. Challenge the need to be comfortable and find ways to support your growth and learning. It is possible to be content in all of it. In order to do this, we have to get “out” of ourselves; we need to observe ourselves, practice not taking ourselves so seriously, and see our connection to others and spirit, meditate, and understand death, for then we can appreciate all of life. Observe the learnings and the positives experienced through the difficult. Be thankful for the difficulties and resulting lessons—and heal our stuck traumas.