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If you want to alleviate stress, reduce negative emotions, eliminate obsessive thinking, release trauma, or help actualize your potential, you can use the following simplified steps of CLEAR®.

Simplified version of CLEAR®

1. Write down blocking beliefs (see definition below) you think may be impacting the issue. For example, if you are doing it about stress, the beliefs might be, “I am not safe in this economy. I am afraid I’ll lose my job. I have to work really hard to be safe. I don’t know what to do to keep my money safe.” Clear those beliefs by rubbing the sore spots while saying, “Even though I (say blocking beliefs here), I love and accept myself, honor and respect myself, I forgive myself for these things and I forgive anyone who impacted me in thinking these things, and I am present in my body.”

NOTE: Definition of blocking beliefs:

Blocking beliefs are thoughts that prevent you from moving into a state of being that you want. Your belief system defines your reality. Your thoughts come from your beliefs. And they determine the actions you take, how you behave, and what occurs in your system. Beliefs often result from trauma. For example if you have been mugged, you may have a belief that you are not safe. Blocking beliefs are cleared using the “sore points” (see “acupressure point chart”).

2. Think about the situation (i.e., your feeling of stress, or thoughts that you can’t be successful). Bring up any feelings you have and check-in regarding how your body feels (e.g., are you tense anywhere, do you have butterflies, feel nauseated, have pain anywhere?). Cross your arms over one another and while continuing to think about the feelings/situation alternately tap on your biceps with your hands—right, left, right left, continuing until you feel done (see picture below). If crossing one arm over the other doesn’t feel comfortable or is too constricting, rest your left hand on your left leg and your right hand on your right leg and alternately tap on your thighs, tap right, tap left, tap right, tap left, until you feel done.

3. Go to the inner eye point and put your attention again on the issue. See what comes up, and put your attention on whatever thoughts, feelings or physical sensations arise. Stay with the thought, feeling, or sensation until you feel a shift. When you feel done with this point, go on to the next point.

4. Repeat step 3 for the under eye, outer eye, nose, chin, collar bone, rib, and underarm points.

5. If you still feel emotional about the issue after going through the points in step 4, finish the rest of the points and do step 3 on each of the following: the thumb, index finger, middle finger, little finger, side of hand and gamut point.

6. As a final step, go back to the inner eye point, and do the “healed version” of the issue. Put your attention on what it feels like to be relaxed and calm while thinking of the original problem. It may help to envision interacting with others, and feeling calm while in the presence of something that in the past might have caused stress.

NOTE: While you are doing the points, if thoughts occur that sound like blocking beliefs, clear those after each point using the sore points and the statement in step one.


Acupressure Point Chart

Image: Bi-lateral Stimulation